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Program Descriptions

Oakes Children’s Center (OCC) has been providing specialized services to children, youth, and families for over 50 years. Our programs serve the needs of the community, and have reached and helped thousands of clients over the years.

Counseling Enriched Education Program (CEEP)

The CEEP operates a California Department of Education certified special education program with four classrooms integrated with an accomplished clinical program that provides students with twice weekly individual therapy and various group therapy sessions. The children served here have typically been unable to receive treatment or an education in other, less restricitive, public or non-public school placements due to social-emotional and/or cogntive challenges. Students are school-age children ranging from kindergarten to 8th grade. We have developed a very positive and structured program for the children in our care. OCC provides on-site psychiatric consultation to the children in the intensive program. OCC provides special transportation for all of its children to make sure they can arrive and depart safely while traveling to and from school. The goal of our counseling enriched education program is to serve the educational and mental health needs of this unique population and return them to a less restrictive learning environment.

Partnership with San Francisco Unified School District

OCC delivers a variety of mental health services at 12 public school sites in San Francisco. Qualified therapists meet with students on-site for indivdual therapy, group therapy, family therapy, and consultation support for the teaching staff. The goal of this program is to serve children with mental health issues during the day in order to improve their access and participation in therapy and maintain these students in a mainstream school environment.

Outpatient Autism Spectrum Disorder Clinic

This program serves children, youth, and young adults with a Autism Spectrum Disorder or other social-cognitive challenges that impact relationships and communication. Our afternoon socialization groups focus on building relationships through shared activities and targeted skill building. We use a careful intake process to match youth with appropriate peers. Groups are facilitated by staff therapists and psychology trainees and interns. We aim for a ratio of three therapists to six youth in order to provide individualized attention and support. Oakes also offers individual therapy and family suport for ASD clients. These services are covered by services on student IEPs, Medi-Cal, or private pay. Sliding scale fees are available.

Outpatient Therapy Program

This program helps our students who transition out of our CEEP program into a lower level placement. Clients are typically seen at OCC after they have finished their school day at another site. Our goal is to assist our children to be successful in their current placements and later in life by providing them with a continuation of care.

Family Engagement Training

We understand the importance of parent and caregiver support to the overall success of a child. Besides family and collateral therapy with caregivers, we offer a 6-week group for the parents and caregivers of the youth who attend one of Oakes Children’s Center’s programs. The group discusses topics related to our children as well as the availability of community resources. We also intend to lend support to the caregivers of our youth and to help connect one another with parents and caregivers with unique needs. Childcare, dinner, and transportation are provided.

Therapist Training Program

Oakes Children’s Center is a highly sought after graduate internship and practicum site for doctoral and master’s level students in Counseling and Psychology. Each year we train 7-10 graduate level psychology, counseling, social work, and expressive art therapy students. During their year-long stay at Oakes they reveive comprehensive training and professional supervision as part of their professional life.


Oakes Children’s Center receives funds from the Children’s Division of Community Behavioral Health Services, San Francisco Department of Public Health; from San Francisco Unified School District; from other local county mental health and school districts when youth are placed in Oakes’ programs; and from a range of committed charitable foundations and individual donors.