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*Oakes Wish List 2017-2018

Wish List 2017-2018

There are so many great ways you can target the impact of your giving at Oakes. Oakes would love help with the following:

  • Science materials for classroom (middle school/age 10-13) $200
  • Field trip for classroom or community outing (elementary/age 5-8) $150
  • Sweatshirts for staff and clients, each $25; 50 total $1250
  • Sponsorship of classroom restoration, shelving, painting $300
  • Music in our school (keyboard, mic, speaker, etc) $500
  • Playground supplies such as basket balls, soccer balls, 4 square ball, kickballs, footballs,tennis balls, volley balls, large ‘trainer’ volley balls, ball pumps, tether balls and rope, skateboard helmets, jump ropes, hula hoops, Frisbees, metal basketball nets, cones, sidewalk chalk, 3-level ball racks $40-$500
  • Sensory items such as yoga balls, mats, yoga blankets; fidget items, balance boards
  • Gardening supplies $40
  • School-use microwave, electric frying pan, toaster oven $50-$100
  • One semester of Tree Frog Treks (bringing animals in for education) $2000
  • One semester Beats Rhymes and Life (hip hop therapy) $3000
  • One semester Project Commotion (sensory integration therapy) $3000
  • Ipads and/or chromebooks and cart for each classroom (4 rooms) $1800-$8000
  • Part-time Physical Education teacher for year $25,000
  • Sponsorship for professional development for staff (travel and training) = $1200
  • Managers retreat = $1200
  • Prepaid parking cards/travel cases for Partnership Program Clinicians = $800
  • New/like new couches and conference chairs, replaceable covers $200-$1200
  • Two-way radios and large ProAct gym mats $1200
  • Blinds and fans for classrooms and offices $500Oakes staff and students appreciate your generous consideration. All items may be delivered to our school site at 1550 Treat Ave, San Francisco, CA 94110 . If you have questions regarding your donation, don’t hesitate to contact our office, (415) 641-8000.Thank you for helping our wish list become reality!

    1550 Treat Avenue, San Francisco, CA 94110 Phone (415) 641-8000 Fax (415) 641-8002 Oakes Children’s Center is a registered 501(c)3 non-profit organization. Your donation is tax-deductible to the fullest extent of the law: Our EIN is 94-1565132.