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Oakes Children’s Center delivers a variety of mental health services at 20 public elementary, middle, and high school sites in San Francisco. Qualified therapists meet with students on-site for individual therapy, group therapy, family therapy, and consultation support for educational staff. The goal of this program is to serve children with mental health issues during the day in their schools in order to improve their access to and participation in the school environment. For more information on our partnership program, please contact our office, at oakes@oakeschildrenscenter.org 


Our clinicians provide mental health services, including individual, group, and family therapy, as well as comprehensive psychological assessments, to youth and families within the community. We strive to create collaborative therapeutic relationships whether engaging in therapy or completing an assessment. We frequently see patients and their families at our clinic in Bernal Heights. However, we also provide at-school and community-based therapeutic services through our mobile outreach program. If you are interested in outpatient therapeutic services, please contact us at oakes@oakeschildrenscenter.org


Oakes Children’s Center is proud to provide clinical training to developing Clinical Psychologists. Our program includes an APA-accredited doctoral internship program (#002272), advanced practicum placements, and post-doctoral clinical positions. Trainees and interns learn to provide high-quality evidenced-based treatment through varied perspectives. We believe that diversity enriches and deepens our work with youth and their families. Our approach to therapeutic work in a community-based mental health setting reflects this quality of attention.  For detailed information on our Clinical Training Program and for application deadlines, please see the links above.  


With school closure due to COVID19 and our decision to adapt an innovative new Program, Oakes CEEP (Counseling Enriched Education Program) services are on haitus for school year 2020-2021. We are working internally and with outside consultants to create a re-structured, high-quality and evidenced-based school program that will focus on supporting students in their goal to reintegrate into public school. Our program will be sensitive to multiple levels of developmental needs and will continue to be rooted in a trauma-informed approach. This hiatus also allows Oakes to continue with ADA-compliant and other Structural Improvements to our building during this time.

Oakes Children's Center Stands with Black Lives Matter

As we have witnessed the stories of Oscar Grant, Trayvon Martin, Breonna Taylor, George Floyd, and countless others, we at Oakes see each of our kids in those stories. We are here for children and families who have been marginalized, oppressed, and targeted. Black Lives Matter; people of color matter; indigenous cultures matter; immigrant cultures matter; LGBTQ+ people matter to us. We strive to be allies and participants in changing our society, and ending racism is one of our core values. Oakes is meant to be a place of belonging for all people. 


We are bringing in more community representatives to increase our effectiveness as antiracists, and we are reaffirming our commitment to recruiting a staff that represents our clients and the historically marginalized communities we serve. We are having conversations to improve our awareness of unconscious bias and the ways these may appear in our organization. We are committed to increasing our accountability and self-improvement. We are committed to diversity and inclusion.

Oakes' Annual Newsletter is Here!

Every Fall, Oakes Children's Center kicks off our annual Fundraising Drive with #Giving Tuesday, and continues through to the end of December. If you'd like to contribute to the success of our Core Programs, please use the "donate" button on this page. Please have a look at Oakes' annual Newsletter here for some insights into our programs and how we serve so many local children with mental health disability.

Our Gaming Group in ON

Oakes is resuming our Gaming Group for youth aged 12-15 years old. This therapy group is a great space for youth who are over-engaged with online gaming or lacking in social connections to get support in developing more meaningful relationships, build self-esteem, and practice emotional regulation strategies. The group will be meeting virtually for now, with a plan to transition back to in-person meetings when it is safe to do so. Members must have Medi-Cal to participate. Please see our flyer here for additional details. 

New Adolescent Group starting now

Oakes Children’s Center is excited to launch a weekly skills group for adolescents who struggle with managing strong emotions, keeping friendships, and achieving personal goals. Connect with like-minded peers to learn effective tips and techniques derived from Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT). We’ll help you develop a skill-based plan to reach a more fulfilling life! 


For more information and details, please click on our DBT Group Flyer here.


Oakes Children’s Center (OCC) has been providing specialized mental health services to youth and families for over 60 years. Our mission is to provide affordable quality mental health services to all members of our community, including at-risk and underserved youth and families. Oakes has helped thousands of children, adolescents, and families meet the challenges they face at home, at school, and in the community.

Help Oakes Serve our Students and their Families

Please donate to our programs: For details, see our link above.


Oakes Children’s Center is dedicated to providing education and mental health services to youth with emotional and/or developmental challenges and to their families, particularly in underserved communities.


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