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Oakes' Outpatient Program

Our Outpatient Therapy Program provides mental health services, including individual, group, and family therapy, as well as comprehensive psychological assessments, to youth and families within the community. Oakes’ Outpatient clinicians and interns work with individuals in several elementary, middle, and high schools throughout SFUSD. They provide mental health therapy to clients, their teachers, and their families in school settings, providing at-school and community-based therapeutic services through our mobile Outpatient outreach program. 


Additionally, Oakes’ Outpatient clinicians and interns frequently see patients and their families at our Center in the Mission/Bernal Heights area. Clients may come to our Center for after-school services, for a comprehensive psychological assessment, or to receive individual therapy or join one of our Groups, such as our Gaming Group or our Adolescent Group. Additionally, some clients join our after-school group therapy for individuals on the autistic spectrum. 


Our Outpatient clinicians strive to create collaborative therapeutic relationships, whether engaging in therapy or completing an assessment. Our Outpatient goal is to assist all children in their current placements and beyond by providing them with assessment, treatment, skills, and continuation of care. 


If you are interested in our Outpatient therapeutic services, please contact us at

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