Post-Doctoral Training Program

Oakes Children’s Center offers post-doctoral fellowship positions to pre-doctoral interns who wish to continue their work at Oakes. We maintain two full-time, paid post-doctoral positions. We tailor training and position requirements to each fellow’s desires and needs in their second year at Oakes. We emphasize the development of a professional identity, mentorship, leadership, supervision, and working toward licensure. Post-doctoral fellows have opportunities to co-lead seminars, mentor interns and trainees, and to work more independently. They are provided with a minimum of two hours of individual supervision weekly, as well as one hour of weekly group supervision.  


Oakes Children’s Center is dedicated to providing education and mental health services to youth with emotional and/or developmental challenges and to their families, particularly in underserved communities.


tel: 415-641-8000


1550 Treat Ave
San Francisco, CA 94110

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