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Oakes' Core Programs include our Outpatient, Public School Mental Health Partnership, Clinical Training, and Caregiver Support. See details below. 

Oakes' Values

All Oakes' Clinicians and Therapists are professionally trained and work together with children and families in trauma-informed ways to improve their individual outcomes in school and in life.


Partnership Program

Our Public School Mental Health Partnership is now serving individuals and working in SOAR classrooms in over 62 schools, along with our Outpatient Program.

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Outpatient Program

Oakes' Outpatient services serve individuals at schools and after school, particularly those on the autism spectrum. We also offer clients therapy in small group settings at our Center. 


Caregiver Support

Oakes offers the caregivers and parents of all of our clients an opportunity to meet and learn with other parents and the free support of our clinicians at our Center.

Group Therapy

Oakes offers individual and group therapy at our Center. Please see announcements below for details.

Oakes' Gaming Group

Oakes Gaming Group is for youth aged 12-15 years old. This therapy group is a great space for youth who are over-engaged with online gaming or lacking in social connections to get support in developing more meaningful relationships, build self-esteem, and practice emotional regulation strategies. Members must have Medi-Cal to participate.

Oakes Gaming Group is set to wrap for this Spring.  Return date of the program is TBD. 

Oakes Annual Newsletter

Every Fall, Oakes Children's Center kicks off our annual Fundraising Drive with #Giving Tuesday, and continues through to the end of December. If you'd like to contribute to the success of our Core Programs, please use the "donate" button on this page. Have a look at Oakes' annual newsletter here for some insights into our programs and how we serve so many local children with mental health disability. Our Spring news is here.

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